by Omar Romero


About Me

Omar Romero

My name is Omar Romero, Splat-N is produced and written by me. I’m a Telecommunications Engineer and I created this site mostly as an experiment in writting and blogging. I live in Maryland with my lovely wife, Kelly, my daughters, and our shy and noble dog Lilly. In this site I will write about my experiences with technology and gadgets, current events and news, and whatever I deem notable and worthy to be shared about daily live.

About this site

The articles are written in Markdown format and published using a modified version of Yellow. I chose Yellow over Wordpress or any other platform because it’s simple to maintain and modify, but mainly because all the posts are written as simple text files. This allows me to have all the content on the site in a format that I can easily archive and retrieve by simply using any text editor. I use Piwik to keep an eye on visitors and to help inprove this site.

This site is possible thanks to the following tools and services:

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Splat-N is hosted at Dreamhost’s servers. —Use promo code SPLATNPROMO to get hosting for $100/year plus 2 free domains.

Web Standards

Web standards are important, and I try to be as compliant as possible. Specifically, this site should validate as valid HTML5 and CSS3 markups, the RSS feed is Atom 1.0 compliant. If you find that the site is not properly displayed, it could be that you are using an older web browser or one that does not support the latest Web Standards —I’m looking at you Internet Explorer. If, however, you are using a modern, standards-compliant browser and have trouble viewing or reading this site, please do let me know.


If you have any comment or suggestion, I can be reached through the contact form below or by twitter @_oromero.