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I had a catastrophic fail of my Web Analytics program in March and lost all visitors information. I’m still trying to recover it, but for now it’s lost. (Update 2015-03-30) I was able to restore from an old backup. Only one week of data was lost. As of May 2017, I stopped using an analytics tool. There is no more code for tracking visitors in this blog.

An unintended consequence of wrapping text at 80 characters (see here), is that links with long urls are getting truncated and, thus, broken. I got around this by having an url shortening script. The links will now be in the form of:


There are no analytics or anything dodgy behind this, it’s just to solve the problem when links are longer than 80 characters.

This site is still a work in progress.


  • Update the CSS for text headers.
  • Need to have an url shortening service, self-hosted or commercial.
  • Change RSS format to Atom 1.0.
  • Clean-up the code for the templates. It works, but it’s a mess.