by Omar Romero

My Productivity Setup

How I plan to be on top of my tasks this year

I’m not a particular organized person to begin with, but I like to make lists and write instructions. If I have a project, I try to make a process of it in my head first, then write down all the tasks that are need to complete it, jot down a workflow, and start iterating on paper before I start coding, writing, or anything that needs to be done for that particular project.

That’s why the idea of having a method of capturing and managing my everyday life, projects and tasks is appealing to me. There are several task management methods, most notably David Allen’s GTD, but I find that most are too complex and with a steep learning curve.

This is where the Bullet Journal comes in. It is a simple pen-and-paper way of capturing and managing tasks. I plan on giving it a try with a few modifications of my own.

First, to better optimize the number of lines in the notepad, I’m using a bi-weekly calendar instead of monthly.

Second are the bullets themselves. I’m using an adaptation of the Dash Plus system. Here is what I’m using for markup:


And third, instead of the monthly tasks sheet -bi-weekly in my case- I’m using a Trickle List to encourage me to perform certain activities during the day.

So, here is my setup, and I hope it can help me track and organize my everyday life. Now, if you forgive me, I have some ideas to write down.

February 07, 2015